The baby stage is a precious and fleeting moment in a child's life. You can never take too
 many photos! The little fat rolls and dimples will fade before you know it!
 Eugene, Oregon /Baby Photography

    This adorable toddler loved to dance. Every time I look at the photograph of her dancing, it
    makes me smile. It was a perfect moment. Springfield OR Photography
    We had a perfect late afternoon session with this brother and sister. The light was great and
    the children were full of fun energy. Springfield, Oregon Family Photography
    I photographed these sisters for the first time when the youngest was small enough to fit 
    in a large bowl. I love moments like these sister moments. Silly and tender.
    Eugene/Springfield, OR: Natural Light
    I can tell by the looking at the light, that Fall is in the air. I see it happening around
    August. It is a sweet light. I think it is natures way of easing us into fall with a gentle
    wave of light. Eugene/Springfield Children Portrait Photographer
    Beach time with the boys. Taking portraits of these little guys at the Oregon coast kept me
    laughing the whole session. It was great seeing the delight and pleasure they got exploring
    the beach. Florence, Oregon Toddler Twins Photography