I love colorizing prints with just a hint of color.

C and H

C and H, fun little guys. H was quite the charmer. I caught so many expressions that I loved of these two that I had a hard time choosing which ones to post.

In the Garden

This brother and sister had a great time keeping me on my toes.

We took these photographs in their garden. It is so nice to have some sunshine and warm weather.

Sparkplug Dance

If you have not had a chance to visit Sparkplug Dance be sure and check them out. It is a fabulous non profit that is committed to teaching children body knowledge and freedom of movement. c They make learning fun through the use of dance. They offer sessions for all ages .

Trip to Florida

My gang and I went to Florida to visit my family. This was C and E's first meeting with their cousin. We had a blast going to the beach and Disney World.

Playing at the Park

I met K and his mom at the park so that K could feed the ducks. We had a very busy session. It was one of those great days with some over cast sky, perfect for pictures.

All Smiles

I was at Bounce Gymnastics taking pictures of this ambitious guy. He is quite the mover and very comfortable jumping from great heights. Then of course, he is a Bounce Gymnastics kid getting ready to play the big brother role.

Four Generations

This little cutie was having a blast. She had great grandmother, grandma and mom watching her wiggle up my mountain like a snake.

There were so many beautiful photographs of L, A and their mom and dad. These were just a few without the grins. Some of my favorite photographs are the ones that I catch without the smiles. It is such a clean honest expression. No props, distracting background or clothes.

Brothers and Sister

Favorite Toy

This little cutie was a delight. She had so many different looks it was hard to decide what to post. Mom brought one of her favorite toys.