This adorable toddler loved to dance. Every time I look at the photograph of her dancing, it
    makes me smile. It was a perfect moment. Springfield OR Photography
    We had a perfect late afternoon session with this brother and sister. The light was great and
    the children were full of fun energy. Springfield, Oregon Family Photography
    I photographed these sisters for the first time when the youngest was small enough to fit 
    in a large bowl. I love moments like these sister moments. Silly and tender.
    Eugene/Springfield, OR: Natural Light
    I can tell by the looking at the light, that Fall is in the air. I see it happening around
    August. It is a sweet light. I think it is natures way of easing us into fall with a gentle
    wave of light. Eugene/Springfield Children Portrait Photographer
    Beach time with the boys. Taking portraits of these little guys at the Oregon coast kept me
    laughing the whole session. It was great seeing the delight and pleasure they got exploring
    the beach. Florence, Oregon Toddler Twins Photography
    Newborn sessions can take a long time but the results are worth it. I wish I had
    newborn portraits taken of my daughter so long ago.
     Eugene/Springfield Oregon Newborn Photography
    I already have the summertime blues. We did have a summer didn't we? Ok I will stop the
    whining. Halloween is just around the corner. I can get excited about that. Children
    in their costumes always make me smile.
    Eugene/Springfield Oregon Children Photography
    This toddler was very steady on her feet. She amazed me with her climbing and running
    skills. Eugene/Springfield, Oregon has some of the most beautiful fall weather. The light
    is beautiful right now for portraits.
    Eugene/Springfield, Oregon Family and Toddler Photographs
    I remember my 16th birthday. I had a party with onion dip and 45 's playing on my record
    player. These best friends dressed to the nines for their birthday invitations. They danced
    the night away with friends. Most likely there were cell phones and digital cameras to
    capture the evening. Eugene/Springfield, Oregon Teens Portrait Photography
    This was one wild photo session. I love trying to get a toddler and a three year old in the
    same place at the same time. Looking at the camera? Forget it. I love these action shots.
    I am the worse procrastinator I know. The simplest things sometimes seem like the hardest
    to finish. These beach photos have been on my to do list forever. Now, fall is in the air.
    It was a beautiful summer morning when we took these photographs. I loved working with
    this family and their adorable little 10 month old baby boy. I am glad his mom brought
    a hat that ties. Stayed in place just enough time to get some great photographs.
    Eugene/Springfield, Oregon Family and Baby Photographs
    These sisters had a great time running and playing in the park. It was a perfect morning.
    Siblings can sometimes be a challenge to photograph. These two were a dream.
    I love being able to capture each year of a child's life. It is so much fun seeing
    the changes at each yearly photo session. Happy Birthday Miss N.!
    Last Saturday the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Family services hosted a day of art
    making, food munching, photos of the kiddos and swimming in the warm, saltwater pool at
    Tamarack Wellness Center. It was a free workshop for families who have cancer or have
    been touched by cancer.
    It wonderful to be involved and surrounded by great volunteers and beautiful caring
    families. The day filled me with inspiration and hope.
    I loved the way everyone participated in the art project. There were no age
    This beautiful little girl was 8 pounds at her first session. I did not get a lot of
    photographs but the ones I got were beautiful. If you are deciding to have your
    newborn baby photographed, it helps to know that the sessions can be a little long.
    Most of the time is spent nursing and changing diapers. Moms be sure to rest before
    the session and have plenty of snacks on hand.
    I love this quote by Ghandi. The birth of a new baby gives us hope. Capturing that
    love on camera is one one reason why I took a Newborn and Maternity workshop
    with professional photographer Ana Brandt.We spent the entire two days learning
    how to work with newborns and their families.
    One adorable toddler,one teddy bear, one red chair and a beautiful Spring day. Priceless!
    I absolutely love photographing this age. Their discovery of their hands and feet are so
    precious. If you cannot get to a professional photographer, put your baby near a nice
    bright window and snap away. These are moments not to be forgotten.
    I took some time this weekend and photographed some flowers. It was so nice to relax
    and spend some time playing.
    The first 7 days is the best time to schedule a newborn session. This is when you can get
    beautiful portraits.
    Newborn babies change so rapidly. Take time to document the moments.
    Late afternoon sunlight and brilliant red and green created a dreamy quality to this session.
    Sweet little 2 week old baby girl wrapped in natural light.
    This adorable little one was all dressed up for the ball. She is one of many entries in the
    Lane Country Childrens Contest taking place through the end of March.

Sunny Winter Day In Oregon

                        The light streaming into the room created a great backdrop
                        for this portrait.

Sweet Newborn

    This sweet little girl was only a couple of weeks old when these were taken. She slept
    soundly through most of the session. Loved it.