Last Saturday the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Family services hosted a day of art
    making, food munching, photos of the kiddos and swimming in the warm, saltwater pool at
    Tamarack Wellness Center. It was a free workshop for families who have cancer or have
    been touched by cancer.
    It wonderful to be involved and surrounded by great volunteers and beautiful caring
    families. The day filled me with inspiration and hope.
    I loved the way everyone participated in the art project. There were no age
    This beautiful little girl was 8 pounds at her first session. I did not get a lot of
    photographs but the ones I got were beautiful. If you are deciding to have your
    newborn baby photographed, it helps to know that the sessions can be a little long.
    Most of the time is spent nursing and changing diapers. Moms be sure to rest before
    the session and have plenty of snacks on hand.
    I love this quote by Ghandi. The birth of a new baby gives us hope. Capturing that
    love on camera is one one reason why I took a Newborn and Maternity workshop
    with professional photographer Ana Brandt.We spent the entire two days learning
    how to work with newborns and their families.
    One adorable toddler,one teddy bear, one red chair and a beautiful Spring day. Priceless!
    I absolutely love photographing this age. Their discovery of their hands and feet are so
    precious. If you cannot get to a professional photographer, put your baby near a nice
    bright window and snap away. These are moments not to be forgotten.